Hard and Fast Rules for Podcasting You Need to Know

You can find tons of tips out there on creating podcasts, but some of them are just rules that you need to follow in order to have a legal and engaging podcast. Creating podcasts is a creative process, so you have a lot of say over what you want to do, but you do need to follow some rules. If you are eager to get started, read this article through to the end. Here, you will learn the best rules to follow to ensure success for your podcast. 

Hard and Fast Rules for Podcasting You Need to Know

1 – Keep Your Audience in Mind

Before you start creating a podcast for yourself, you should first figure out who you want to reach with it. Think about your audience members, the demographics, and the format of your podcast. The best way to do this is to discover the podcast that appeals to you and then get started with your own podcast.

Once you know for sure who you want to reach with your podcast, you can start to determine what you want to talk about and what kind of topics you want to cover.

2 – Plan Your Podcast

Planning a podcast is the most important step in creating a good podcast. This will really keep you on track and help you create a podcast that has a consistent tone and flow. Your podcast should be easy to follow, with short segments and a clear-cut topic per episode. Your podcast should also have a specific theme and tone and be filled with interesting content.

3 – Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule for your podcast is another important step for creating a good podcast. You should know when you are going to record each episode, when you are going to post it, and when you are going to create new episodes.

You should also create a schedule for yourself to keep you on track. For example, you could decide that you will post one episode a week on Friday.

4 – Choose Your Format

Once you have set your schedule, you can decide what format your podcast will take. You have lots of options to consider, but it is always a good idea to stick with a popular podcast format that works for you. You could choose a format that is similar to formats that you know and love. You should also consider the format that you think will engage you the most.

A few popular podcast formats are a roundtable format, a solo format, or a variety format. You should read about these formats and figure out which one you prefer.

5 – Choose a Name

The name of your podcast is the first thing that people will hear about it. You should make sure that your name is unique and easy to remember. Think of a name that reflects the content of your podcast in some way.


Podcasting is a lot of fun and can provide you with a lot of creative freedom. When you are creating a podcast, you need to follow the right steps to make it a success. If you follow the steps in this article, you will have the information you need to create a successful podcast.

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