Guidelines for Social Media Promotion of Your Podcast

As a podcaster, you know the benefits of using social media as a stream for digital audio advertising for your show. But it can be tough to determine where to start with many platforms.

Regarding social media tactics for your radio station, we’ve already covered a lot of ground. We also enjoy the audio show format of podcasts, so today, we’re providing you with a brief tutorial on how to advertise your podcast on social media.

Because social media marketing and podcasting go together like peanut butter and jelly, you can use some strategies to increase the audience for your podcast. 

Here are some guidelines for using social media to promote your podcast:

Make A Social Media Profile Just For Your Podcast

Nowadays, everyone, as they say, has a podcast. Make sure your show has its social media accounts and doesn’t just use your personal Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for promotional images and posts if you aspire to host your show.

For two reasons, it’s better to have a separate social media account for your podcast than to just post announcements on the one you’ve had since you were twelve.

It makes it simpler for strangers to find your work online, which is the first advantage. You have more freedom to use marketing techniques like hashtags, turning the account into a business account, or uploading daily promotional posts because the account you use for your podcast differs from the one where you post pictures of your family.

Second, giving your podcast its social media accounts enhances its authority. If you only share updates on your personal Instagram account, your podcast might be a hobby rather than something you’re willing to grow. 

Instead, as an audio marketing strategy, you can demonstrate to your current audience that your podcast is something to be taken seriously by setting up a separate page for it and telling your friends and family about it on your personal social media accounts.

Post On Social Media A Fresh Episode

Touring artists’ posters are displayed in public spaces or on billboards. Every time a brand-new movie is released, the film industry makes a trailer, uploads it to YouTube, and ensures that viewers see it before it is screened in a theater.

Similarly, you should employ the same tactic each time a brand-new podcast episode becomes available.

Do you want more people to listen to the most recent episode of your podcast? Spread the word! You don’t have to go into detail in your posts; you can provide a summary and a link for people to access the episode.

Post A Teaser 

To pique interest in an upcoming episode and introduce your podcast to people who have stumbled across your page on social media, post-behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, quotes, sound bites, and other types of previews on your social media pages. They all function as interactive promotional tools for upcoming releases and may elicit feedback from your audience.

Use only enticing and practical illustrations, sayings, and audio clips. For instance, your audience should be interested in why podcast hosts laugh in this picture. 

Never Undervalue a Hashtag’s Power

The most useful and underused social media tool is indeed the hashtag. Say you convinced Taraji P. Henson to participate in a unique podcast episode. 

After your social media post about it, including her name in the hashtag. Will you discuss the subject of your most recent episode again? Employ a hashtag. Is your show’s upcoming episode featuring two former podcast guests the season finale? The use of hashtags is common.

Start using hashtags in your podcast social media posts if you haven’t already. If used properly, hashtags can serve as little online doors that direct people to your content. 

You must choose the appropriate hashtags to use with your posts if you want to expand the size of your audience. Who knows, perhaps all it takes is one hashtag to gain popularity for a post.


You can advertise your podcast on social media in a variety of ways. Although some methods are more efficient, all of them can assist you in expanding your audience. Utilizing all of the tools and being creative is crucial. If you really want to get the best results, it’s also best to look for social media marketing for record labels. You can achieve success with your podcast with a little work.

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