Go Viral With These Awesome Tips for YouTube Musicians

You’ve finally gotten the courage to upload your songs to YouTube, but you’re not getting the views you hope for. As you probably know, YouTube is one of the best platforms to share your music. With a whopping 1.58 billion users around the world, you can’t go wrong with YouTube.

A massive amount of users means that there’s a whole lot of competition. How can you stand out among the thousands of other YouTube musicians? Take a look at these helpful tips that’ll make your music go viral:

How To Make Your Music Go Viral

1. Have Professional Videos

You already know how to create a YouTube video, but is it presentable enough? A well-polished video allows users to pay more attention to your music. Here are some ways you can change your videos for the better:

Choose the Right Background

Avoid filming in a distracting location at all costs. That means changing the location of your video from your messy bedroom to an environment that has a neutral or trendy look. Your music should be the main focus of the video.

Get a Better Microphone

Right now, you’re probably using your laptop or phone to record your videos. Your video quality will be decent, but the audio might not be as good as other musicians. It’s totally worth it to purchase a professional microphone instead.

Record Audio Separately

Several YouTube musicians choose to record their music first and later lipsync to their song. This handy technique can help you save time and create a better video.

2. Hold a Concert

You don’t need to rent out a venue to hold a concert for your fans. All you need is the internet and your camera to take advantage of YouTube Live. If you’re not sure how to do YouTube Live, it’s easy to get the hang of.

Livestreaming is just like making a typical video, except you’ll have a live audience. Choose the best setlist, practice your music, and set up the proper background. That way, your music will bound to be heard.

3. Make Your Videos Share-Friendly

You’ve probably always wondered “How can I promote my YouTube channel and make my videos go viral?” Well, if you make videos on certain topics at just the right time, you might be in luck. Having videos that are relatable, topical, and helpful can make people want to share your video with their friends.

These are some examples of shareable subjects:

Relatable Videos

Who is your main audience? Gearing your videos towards a specific audience allows them to identify with it, making them feel more connected to your channel.

Topical Videos

Making a topical video means that it’s relevant to current events. In other words, some of your videos should pertain to a popular news story, a political problem, latest trend, or most recent meme.

Helpful Videos

Why not use your skills to help others online? For example, creating a video tutorial on how to play the guitar or how to sing can make inquisitive users want to click on your video.

4. Work With Other Musicians

Many YouTube musicians are discovered by collaborating with other YouTubers. This allows you and your fellow YouTuber to gain more subscribers–you’ll be able to access your friend’s fans, while your friend will gain publicity among your fans as well.

Choose to partner with other YouTubers who have a channel that’s similar to yours. Collaborating with a YouTuber specializing in the same genre of music is the most logical, as your partner’s fanbase will be more likely to enjoy your music too.

It also might be worth looking into teaming up with a veteran YouTube musician. If they like your music enough, they might offer to feature you on their channel, and can even give you helpful advice.

Learning how to make a music video for YouTube with another artist can be challenging. You can’t just expect to instantly come up with a music video and song. You and another YouTuber will have to brainstorm ideas, compare audio programs, and work together to create a song before you film the actual video.

5. Get to Know Your Fans

If you don’t know what your fans want, your channel won’t be able to grow. That’s why the comment section of videos exist. Responding to your viewers’ comments will make the relationship between you and your fans stronger.

You can even make an entire video responding to a concern that your viewers’ have expressed. Don’t forget to ask your viewers what kind of video that they’d like to see you do next.

Engaging your fans doesn’t stop with videos and comment responses–you can even incorporate a fan’s music into your videos. Challenge your viewers to create a sample that you’ll add to your next music video.

6. Master the Basics

You may not put any thought into your videos’ thumbnails, titles, or descriptions. However, these are some of the most important aspects of video-making. This is the initial impression that you’ll give potential viewers–if they don’t like what they see, they won’t click on your video.

Having the right title and description can also help your videos appear in search results as well. No one can find your music when it’s not included in their search.

7. Do Some Self-Advertising

Don’t make a huge music PR mistake by avoiding self-advertisement. If viewers are interested in your music, they’ll actually want to find ways to purchase your music or find out more information about you. Adding some annotations to your videos can increase your amount of subscribers as well.

8. Cover Trendy Songs

It’s better to create covers of the latest music. For example, if you made a cover of an Elvis Presley song, you’d be competing against thousands if not millions of other videos. However, if you make a cover of the latest chart-topper, you won’t have as much competition because the song is more recent.

What’s the latest song that’s topping the charts today? Hop on the bandwagon as soon as possible and create a cover for that song. You may not like the song itself, but you can always create a remix that matches your style.

Help for YouTube Musicians

As long as you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the most popular YouTube musicians. It’ll take a lot of time and patience, but you can’t give up right away.

Need some extra help? Check out some other ways that you can promote your music through social media.

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