Our Guide to Getting Your Music on Spotify’s Playlist – What to Know

You’ve spent many days, even months creating music you believe everyone should hear. You get it on Spotify and wait for it to penetrate the world. Unfortunately, you find that even after a few days or weeks, barely anyone has ever heard of you, let alone your songs.

With that in mind, how do you get people to listen to your music? Well, one of the ways you can do that is to get it playlisted.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can get your songs playlisted on Spotify by different curators or by Spotify itself.

Spotify’s Algorithm

While we do not know how Spotify’s algorithm works precisely, we do know what you need to do to get on Spotify’s playlists, such as Discover Weekly or Release Radar. To do that, you need to capitalise on followers, saves, and streams. In other words, to get on Spotify’s playlist, you need to strike the delicate balance between the number of followers and save, along with how often it is streamed.

Getting Your Music on Spotify Playlists

If you want the best way to get on Spotify’s playlist, you’ll need to look for curators. You can find them through their social network. However, this method can be extremely time-consuming as the whole process consists of figuring out which playlist you want, looking for the curators on their social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, befriending them, and communicating with them. Some might never, ever reply to your requests. Some that do respond to you might do so after a long delay (too long at times).

If you don’t want to bother with that but have some money to spare, you can hire a Spotify promotion company to do the hard work for you. They’ll help increase the number of plays your music gets, along with boosting the number of followers.

Purchasing Followers and Streams

While there is an option to buy streams and followers, this method is forbidden by Spotify. Not only will your music be removed from Spotify if they discovered that your followers and streams are bought, but your account can be banned as well.

External Promotion Efforts

Other than trying to satisfy Spotify’s algorithm to get your songs on their playlist, there are other things you can do to attract more people to listen to your songs.

For example, to supplement your use of Spotify promotion companies, you can utilize other social networks like YouTube to promote your music as well. There, you can specify an audience you want to share your music with, giving them a glimpse of what kind of music you produce and guiding them to following you on Spotify to listen more of what you have to offer.

In conclusion

The best way to go about getting your songs featured on Spotify’s playlist is to balance between follows, streams, and saves. Do this by promoting yourself through different channels, such as a Spotify promoting company or other social networks like YouTube. You can contact other curators to feature your songs as well. Remember, the more you go about improving your music, the more people are going to learn about you and follow you. Just avoid going the route of purchasing followers and streams, as that’s forbidden.

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