Frequently asked questions

What does the email queue do?

After creating a campaign, selecting your recipients and clicking ‘send’, your emails are added to the email queue. Within a few minutes, the queue will be processed. During this time, you have a few minutes to review and remove any accidental recipients.

Why do some emails disappear after processing the email queue?

If you’ve already sent the promo to a recipient, the system removes the duplicate recipient from the email cue upon processing. Feedback reminders will be available soon.

Why isn’t a recipient receiving my promo?

There are several possible reasons for this;

  1. Ensure you have processed the email queue after selecting which lists and contacts to send your campaign to.
  2. Duplicate mailouts are nulled by the system. You may have already sent the promo to this recipient.
  3. It’s rare, but possible that the promo got caught up in the recipient’s spam filters. If this is the case, please contact us.
  4. If the recipient’s mail bounces back, it could mean that the address you have is wrong, the recipient’s inbox is full or their domain name hasn’t been renewed.
  5. Some users add additional commas to their CSV uploads. As a result, any email address with a comma at the end will appear as sent but wont go to the intended recipient.
Why have my files been deleted?

If you haven’t logged into for several months, your files may be deleted to save server space. Your stats and campaigns are unaffected. To resume a promo, simply click ‘edit’ on the campaign and reupload your files.

Why can’t I access the email queue?

If your 30 day tier is up, you can still log in, view feedback and edit mailing lists, but the email queue becomes locked. To unlock the queue, please update your payment options.

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