Best Sources to Find Exceptional Sound Effects for Podcasts

The decision to add sound effects to your podcast, radio show, or other audio program is exciting. Doing so can make your topics more dynamic to listen to in various ways. However, you may not yet know where to begin searching for quality sound effects that fit your project.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, websites can help you begin and complete your search for free sound effects.

Here are some of the best free sound effect libraries on the web:


ZapSplat is another excellent place to find sound effects. You can manage free and premium accounts from the site’s dashboard. 

Within ten minutes of downloading three sounds, you must credit the author. Unlimited downloads and WAV files are among the premium options offered by ZapSplat. 

However, that may be more than what you need, so it’s best to try out the free version before upgrading.

YouTube’s Audio Archive

Knowing how to find free sounds is good to know when trying to create a video. The YouTube Audio Library can help. 

This library lets you search for thousands of free sound effects and music to download and use on your projects. You can use the YouTube library if you are making videos on YouTube. 

Creating videos is easy if you know where to find your resources.


The Freesound Project is a website that hosts the most extensive collection of high-quality royalty-free sound effects. Anyone can upload their clips and choose from a variety of Creative Commons licenses to attribute the sound if they choose.

The compilation is an excellent resource for anyone looking for clear sound effects in their show or film.

A Sound Effect

 A Sound Effect is a thriving marketplace of sound effects, and it’s a great tool for audio dramas and fiction podcasts. Clay pots are available in a set of 89 sounds! 

Or, a collection of 789 male fighting vocal sounds! This website carries an appropriately epic array of sound effects.

The only limit is the high cost of the packets. So, if you’ve exhausted all other sources and need a specific sound effect for your project, a search on A Sound Effect can be your last hope.


Your list of free sound effects should not leave out SoundBible, with free downloads in WAV or MP3 format. (Isn’t that clever?) Large download buttons are used to save bandwidth, and if you want more, the blog on the website offers sound effect packs.


Freesound has several similarities to SoundGator. Even though it doesn’t have as many sounds as the leading companies in the industry, it’s completely free and royalty-free. SoundGator has a subscription service, but Freesound does not.

On SoundGator, you can subscribe to the audio content posted by other users. It’s possible to subscribe to one person’s sound effects so that you’ll know whenever they release a new one!


This is a subscription-based sound effects database that is similar to Storyblocks. For as low as $12.41 a month, you may receive access to a limitless library of music and sound effects. 

Everything is free to use, new stuff is constantly being added, and whatever you download once can be redownloaded in the future without any additional charges

Make Your Own!

Make your own if you can’t locate the proper sound effect for your podcast after searching through all these sites! Even though it may take some time, you’ll save a lot of money and be able to boast about your accomplishments.


Finding and using sound effects for your next podcast is relatively easy and cost-effective. You just have to know how to find them. 

Fortunately, you now have several places to turn if you need significant sound effects for a project. Remember, you will want to get a license for any sound effects you want to use. 

There is a wealth of free Royalty-Free sound effects available, but you may have to pay for some subscriptions if you plan on putting a paywall on your podcast episodes in the future.

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