Seamlessly weave Promoly into your business.

Promoly can blend right into your business, giving your customers a perfectly bespoke music email promotion service that integrates with your current set up and stack.

Powerful end-to-end promotion system.

Promoly provides a full-stack music email promotion system that can be seamlessly integrated into your business. You don’t need marketing managers, publicists or any other third party to get up and running. We do the work for you. 

"Prior to working with Promoly, our tech team had a long road map to develop comparable software."
Jorge Brea
CEO - Symphonic Distribution
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Easy, Flexible, Affordable.

Promoly is designed and built to be better than any other music promotion service in the market. It’s powerful but simple to use and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Everything we do is custom-built for your needs, crafted by music industry experts and delivered with a personalized touch.

"Promoly provides a very effective and affordable infrastructure to send out pre-release promotional music."
Daniel Robertson
Director - Cygnus Music

Create stunning promo packages.

Your clients’ promos will be sent out in a beautifully designed and incredibly secure link — helping them secure those all-important reviews, radio plays, and playlist features.

"Promoly implements a robust music promotion solution for our customers, assisting them to achieve features and drive sales."
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Tommie Keeston
Head of Business Management
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