Sending high quality promo campaigns has never been easier

Promo.ly has a built-in one-page campaign editor which takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Creating and sending a high-quality promo campaign is only a few clicks away.

Promo.ly's campaign creator breakdown

Header image

The header image displays at the very top of your promo page. Use it for promotional messages, logos, segmented artwork or pictures of your favourite cat.


No one likes a bland looking promo email. Upload your artwork to catch your recipient's eye as they open your promo

Release details

Plug in all the relevant details to bring your campaigns to life. Don't forget your release date!


Promo.ly accepts WAV & MP3 at no extra cost. Some people like high quality, some people are happy with an MP3. It's your choice.


Lets face it, some people are forgetful and need a gentle reminder to open your emails. Promo.ly does this automatically without you having to chase them.

Require comments before download

Enabling this feature will ask your recipients to leave a comment before downloading.


Custom promo pages are available. Branding can be matched and promo colours can be changed. Just ask.

promo.ly campaign creator

All your promo campaigns under one roof.

Never lose track of a promo campaign again. All your campaigns are precisely where you need them, listed in order of creation date. 

You can preview a campaign and make as many tweaks as needed. When you’re happy press send and watch the feedback come in. 

For the advanced uses, Mail Merge is available to create custom follow up emails using your email client.

campaigns dash promo.ly
Promo.ly activity log

See everything that's happening in real-time.

We don’t want you to miss out. Promo.ly tracks and displays all promo campaign data in real time. Everything is displayed on your activity log dashboard.

Need to know what’s going on to the exact second? Promo.ly’s got you covered and will display all important information in time order.

Promo.ly displays: emails opened, promos opened, tracks played, comments left, tracks downloaded, reminders sent & more! 

What people say

Promo.ly creates stunning promos

  • Gone are the days where file sharing links are used to deliver your music. Every promo campaign sent by Promo.ly is secure and beautifully laid out. Your artwork, press release and music are available at your recipient's fingertips. Sending your promos with Promo.ly will help you secure those reviews, radio plays and playlist features.
promo.ly promo example
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