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Promoly is the best way to send music promos, secure downloads and get feedback on your music.

Our platform helps you deliver and track DJ promos, secure downloads and get real-time feedback on your music.

Delivering Promos has Never been Easier.

Creating a promo to send to a DJ, radio station, or magazine can always be a headache. You want to send something professional and lively, not to mention something you can track and make sure your artists get credit for. Promoly makes it easy for you to send unique and high quality promos to the right people in the right way.
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Your Music will Receive More Attention.

Admittingly, not every track you release is going to be a smash hit, but what if it was? What if you could have your music heard by more DJ's and venues? With Promoly you can show your song off, receive feedback that will help you make it even better, and ultimately have more doors open for you.

Secure Your Promo Material At All Times

Sending large files of music over email isn’t the most secure thing in the world. That’s why Promoly is so secure. We provide an easy way for you to upload songs to our servers and send out promo links instead of sending large files through email. All information on our services is encrypted and behind an SSL connection.
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