Get more airtime DJ plays features exposure downloads sales for your record label's artists.

Promoly helps record labels deliver better promos to their mailing lists. Track recipient engagement, drive more features and get your artists noticed.

Cygnus customers save 20% on all billing plans!

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Scale your music promotion efficiently.

No matter the size of your imprint, Promoly fits around you.

Keeping track of music promotion campaigns can be difficult, especially when your record label begins to grow. Release schedules get busier, promotional emails begin to snowball, and it becomes impossible to remember which tastemaker has received which release. 

Promoly saves you from administrative migraines by providing you with a robust music promotion platform that keeps you on target while your music racks up features, plays and reviews.

"Promoly provides a very effective and affordable infrastructure to send out pre-release promotional music. The real-time tracking analytics in particular is a powerful tool to see actual engagement as it happens. A high number of our clients have onboarded with their 20% exclusive discount, and we have received lots of great feedback."
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Daniel Robertson
Director - Cygnus Music

Promo Pool

All Promoly customers get access to the Promo Pool. Every contact in the pool has opted into our service, and is waiting to receive your music.

Real-Time Tracking

You don’t want to miss out. Promoly tracks and displays all promo campaign data in real time, so you can stay up to date and respond immediately.

Stats & Analytics

See how your campaigns are performing at any time, and dig into the data to find the insights that matter most.

Simple Contact Management

Save time and tedium by quickly creating, organising, grouping and segmenting your contacts. Upload your entire contact list by CSV, copy/paste, or individually.


We get it – your recipients are busy, and sometimes forget to open your promos. Fortunately, we don’t forget to remind them. Promoly automatically gives tastemakers a gentle nudge about your promo.

Campaign Feedback

Your recipients can leave feedback and rate the music you send them. This feedback will be visible on your dashboard, and compiled into a report.

"Thanks to your DJ pool, we were able to get our first release in front of many industry professionals. We greatly appreciate that opportunity."
Death Before Failure Entertainment Inc
Death Before Failure Entertainment Inc
"Promoly has a great toolkit of features I rely on when promoting music. Email tracking, easy to use interface, great support and well priced."
Fat Tape Records /
Charlie Cox
Fat Tape Records
"We just recently switched to Promoly, and have found it to be an incredibly intuitive service. The support is great, and the staff are very helpful."
Daniel Brown
LA 90