Career Cheer: 7 Cool Ideas to Promote Your Music Over the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly. The holiday season is also a great time to promote your music. People are hustling and bustling to get presents and you want to be on their shopping list.

But how do you make sure they know everything you have to offer.

Keep reading for 7 cool ideas to promote your music over the holiday season.

The Holiday Season on Your Website and Social Media

One great way to promote your music is on your website and social media. Sure you do that all the time but it’s time to add a little cheer.

Adding blog posts that are search engine optimized for holiday subjects or about holiday events will help you rank in results in a better position for more searches.

This will help you get more traffic to your site searching for the perfect gift but don’t yet know that you’re it.

Once they’re on your website you can dazzle them with your talent and make the sale.

It’s important that your site is user-friendly, convenient and easy to use and that you offer various products and methods of payment. A slow loading or confusing website with few choices could chase potential customers away.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is the perfect place to attract more visitors to your site and help you promote your music. Don’t forget to make your posts there festive and enticing.

One thing to remember about social media is that not everyone on one social media site is on the others. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have devoted users who don’t use the others.

To make the most of social media, reach out to followers on various platforms and at different times. If you post at 7 am every time, the individuals who only use social media at night may not even see your posts.

Get in the Holiday Spirit and Sing Some Holiday Songs

You may not be Bing Crosby or Michael Buble releasing a Christmas album every year but you can attract a whole new audience and impress the fans you do have with holiday music.

A lot of stores, radio stations, and DJs are only playing Christmas music in December. They get sick of playing the same ten songs 24 hours a day. Youtube and other online venues also have visitors that want something new to listen to that still has a holiday feel.

No matter what genre of music you’re passionate about, doing a holiday song can help promote your other music. Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Kawanza or New Years songs you could get some air time and great exposure.

Live and Virtual Holiday Specials

Book some time at a local mall, create YouTube specials or use other physical and virtual venues to play some holiday music. You could even have guests like a local comedian or have Santa show up to add to the festivities.

You get a chance to showcase your music and get exposure while adding to the holiday season entertainment for visitors and fans. It’s a great way to direct people to where they can find your other music.

It gives the audience a chance to share and promote your music special and spread the word even more with just the click of a button. You can be seen by more music lovers and gain some loyal fans.

Offer deals they can’t refuse and throw in a free song to entice them to listen and share your music over the holiday season. This is also a good way to get them to click through to your site after watching your special.

If you’re doing a live event in a physical venue have cards or t-shirts with your website and details on it so that you get free advertising and you’re easy to find long after the event is over.

Networking and Guest Spots

With over a billion websites and millions of people with youtube channels and blogs promoting their own songs, it can seem nearly impossible to actually get the exposure you want.

Networking and guest posts are an excellent way to increase the number of people who see you and to build relationships with others in the same niche as you.

Write a music blog post for a top music site, including a link to your site and even an audio of some of your music. Blog owners are often looking for contributions to their blog. They also cross-promote which means anyone who follows them on social media will be invited to read your post or see the video you contribute.

The holiday season is a great time to do this because everyone is busy and it’s hard to come up with enough unique material for blogs and channels.

Email and Holiday Cards

Email and subscriber lists are an effective and efficient way to keep in touch with fans. Don’t forget to show them some love for the holidays.

A holiday card with a sample of your music, a promotion or deal on your latest project and links to your site can help you remind them you’re there.

This saves your fans having to even go in search of the perfect gift or music options because it comes right to their inbox.

Everyone loves to know they’re appreciated so make sure you take time to thank your followers, email subscribers and fans over the holiday season for their interest in your work with wishes for a Happy New Year ahead.

If you have any promotions such as Patreon projects or are planning a Music Release event coming up be sure to include information for that as well. While people are in the giving spirit you might just find they are willing to support you in more ways than one.

Don’t Be A Grinch and Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to promote your music and video projects. Don’t be a grinch thinking it’s not really your thing.

You could be getting greater success and tons of fans from Santa this year if you promote your music this holiday season.

For more tips or help in promoting your music or planning a release check out our awesome features today.

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