Audio Marketing: Why You Should Invest in This Medium

When it comes to digital marketing, videos and photos are the go-to media for advertisers. While they are indeed good content types, there is another currently thriving medium that companies should not overlook―audio marketing. 

Now that people are becoming busier each day, their free time is more limited than ever. For that reason, these people are on the lookout for activities they can do that do not require much attention. 

That is where audio marketing becomes advantageous. People can listen to audio materials anytime and anywhere. They play an audiobook while doing household chores, listen to a podcast while they take a shower or travel from place to place, or put on their favorite tunes while they work or exercise. Overall, these audio materials help people double up their productivity. 

In the US, Spoken Word Audio reported that almost half (43 percent) of the US population at the age of 13 and up listen to audio content daily. If you are looking for more marketing opportunities, this is a medium you should explore and include in your marketing strategy. If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. 

How Powerful Is Audio Marketing?

The world is getting more technologically advanced each day. Nowadays, people can get what they need by simply commanding voice-activated devices. There are also emerging applications that are highly focused on audio and voice communication, such as Alexa and Amazon’s Audible. 

Tech giants like Google and Apple are also building their home automation system activated by voice, and apps like Google Maps also utilize the same medium. There is no denying audio’s contribution to the advancing world.

Podcasts also provide the perfect medium for those looking for advertisement placement in an online audio broadcast. They come in long episodes, but the loyalty of listeners is high, with a high average retention rate. Thanks to this format, advertisers can reach out to their target audience with more in-depth and compelling messaging. 

Benefits of Adding Audio Marketing Strategy to Your Content Marketing

Helps You Gain More Leads

Doesn’t an audio material appeal more than the other usual lead-generating pop-ups, landing pages, or forms? Audio posts on blogs can successfully increase your lead generation efforts by 20 percent and more. That is according to the experience of RD Station, which used the same strategy and achieved excellent results in the process. Audio advertising is refreshing, as people do not always have the time to watch or read on the internet. 

Brings User a Better Experience

Audio content is relatively new that you can try. It can also allow users to just listen anytime to your audio content, which helps improve their experience. Add text support to the experience, and you sandwich your audience with a text and sound that can keep their attention longer. That is always better than just reading the long text version only. Plus, it helps strengthen your website’s SEO and the audience’s average time spent on the page. 

Human Voice Makes Your Content More Humane

Nothing makes your content more sensible and approachable than letting people read and communicate with other people. You get to engage people who have no time to read or do other activities while listening to your audio content. 


The digital platform is fast-changing every time, and those who are always ahead of the game survive. If you have not tried to include an audio marketing strategy in your content plan, it is time you consider it. If it fits your brand and there are unique ideas you can do, why not start implementing them soon? You could reach your goals faster if you continue to discover and own great content.

Once you have it, Promoly can help companies promote that audio content over email and social media through an effective audio marketing strategy. Our dashboard can help you track your promo campaigns on a simple and readily accessible platform. Start your seven-day trial today!

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