7 Ways To Properly And Effectively Promote Your Podcast

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If you’ve been told that starting a podcast is easy, well, they’ve told you the truth. It is quite easy to start one. All you need is a laptop or a computer, a microphone, perhaps a pair of headphones, a recording software, and start your effort. However, the challenge comes in trying to achieve success with it and maintaining that success.

So, what is required of you to create a successful podcast? Apart from good content, marketing is what’s essential! Here’s how you can properly and effectively promote your podcast:

1. Podcasting on Social Media

You probably already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. If you’re not active on these pages, then you need to start as soon as possible. The great thing about podcasts is you can easily create hashtags for them and have people search for these hashtags on Twitter to find you and follow you. It is also wise to put your website link in all your social media accounts for users to easily access your podcast and subscribe to it.

2. Email Marketing

Trying to promote your podcast through email blasts is another way to get more listeners. You need to send out a huge email to your contacts and tell them about your podcast. You can even send out a message to your followers on different networks and ask them to subscribe to your podcast.

3. Encourage Your Audience to Review Your Podcast

You should also work on your audience to answer their questions and have them review your podcast. Once you have their podcast reviews, post them online on various websites. This way, when people are looking for podcasts, they will see reviews about your podcast and become interested in what you have to offer.

4. Write Guest Posts

Another way to get more exposure for your podcast is to write guest posts for sites related to your podcast’s subject matter. You can write about your podcast, or you can do a podcast interview with someone you know, or you can do a podcast review of a product.

5. Podcasting Conferences

Podcasting conferences are a great way to network with other podcasters and potential audiences that could become listeners for your podcast. If you’re planning to attend a conference, make sure you have a way to share your podcast’s information with those attending the conference and definitely work on podcast promo cards and giveaways.

6. Get a Press Release

Podcasting has become popular, and many people are trying to start a podcast. A press release will help you get your name and your podcast’s name in front of many people looking for podcasts. Don’t forget to include links for them to easily and conveniently subscribe to your podcast.

7. Write Articles

Writing articles on websites, online magazines, and newspapers where you can promote your podcast is a great way to get people interested in it. You can write about how you started your podcast, why you started it, or whatever else you like.


Don’t be afraid to promote your podcast and start playing around with different ideas. Podcasting is a fun and interesting way to start making money, and you’ll be able to find a whole community of podcasters who will support and help you grow. You just have to be willing to put in the effort and do some marketing!

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