Sending Audio Files via Email

(or Direct Link over Facebook, Twitter, etc..)

This shows you how to send an audio file (WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc) to someone over email and then track in real-time when the person opens the email, when they click play on each track, and which tracks they downloaded.


Our software,, automates all this for you to help learn valuable insight about your email list. With this information you can learn if people have lost interest or if they simply aren’t receiving your emails. We setup this tool to unlock the untapped potential hiding in your existing network of contacts. allows you to generate secret link you can share one on one with your contacts or send in bulk to an email list.

We track each link down to the individual recipient and report back every page view, every click, every listen, and every download.

Email-gating: All campaigns are force-feedback by default which means the recipient can be locked out from downloading until they have filled out your feedback form.

By watermarking your audio we can trace leaks for you to determine the source of the leak.

What’s inside:

√ Professional presentation of your audio

√ Feedback reports that you can share with others

√ Private direct links you can share (no need to use email)

√ Insights into the behaviors of your recipients

√ Groups that allow you to segment and target more effectively

√ Quick and easy copy/paste a list of email addresses or use CSV import

√ Water-marketing to help protect your content

√ Integration with CRM’s (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc..) *inquire

√ Quick and friendly support

√ Extended customization options

√ Share-able feedback reports

√ Quickly expiring download links (cuts down on leaks)

√ Auto-rerouting of rejected emails (ensures high deliverability rates)

√ Invitation to our private Facebook Group where we discuss industry topics, growth, and marketing related things surrounding music. *inquire



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