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5 unconventional free ways to promote your music

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Creating good music is never enough. You might have created a killer track, but unless you can get these sounds featured in the right places, nobody’s gonna hear them.

Luckily, we’ve got your back. These are 5 highly effective but totally free ways to promote your music. Try them out and sound off in the comments for your favourite (free) promotion tips.

1. Let YouTube gamers use and monetize your music
Sure, music channels like UKF might garner the most interest-based attention. After all, subscribers of these channels subscribe specifically for the music. But don’t ignore the non-music related YouTube channels. Send your music out to a few YouTube gamers and offer them royalty-free use of your music in exchange for a link to your channel or a buy link to your track.

Now, keeping these gamers happy and creating a healthy relationship is key here. What you don’t want to do is monetize their videos for a quick quid. You have every legal right to make money from their video given that they’ve used your music, but these gamers won’t even consider your sounds for a second video if it means missing out on advertising revenue. For many of these people, gaming videos is a second income and for a lucky few, a full time job.

2. Torrentify your music (seriously)
“Upload my music to torrent sites, are you mad?” No, we’re not mad and this is an incredible way to promote your music, for free. The torrenting and piracy world is huge, so you should take advantage. Create yourself a Mininova account and upload a free release. You’ll be amazed at how many downloads you’ll get. Yes you won’t get paid, but what would you rather see? 5000 people downloading your music, or 100 plays on Spotify, paying you 0.009p per play?

Obviously you wouldn’t want to do this for every release and it’s not healthy for the industry to give away too much free music, but you’ll gain some huge exposure. Just don’t forget to add metadata to your MP3 and links in the description of the upload. And finally, you can’t do this to releases you’ve signed to a label – that would be illegal.

3. Chase down music supervisors
You might be unfamiliar with the term music synchronisation. In short, it’s the placement of music over visual media. If you take a look on IMDB and choose a film, in the credits you’ll see ‘music supervisor’ – these guys have selected the music for that particular film or TV series. Normally the music supervisors will pay you a flat rate for the use of your music, but services such as PRS/PPL will pay you revenue for every time that piece of music is heard by an audience, but you’ll need to register your music’s ISRC with them first.

Familiarise yourself with these music supervisors and find out who they work for, what music they are interested in and so on. The ultimate goal is to get their email address; politely contact them, explaining who you are and give them a streamable link to your music. They’ll receive a lot of music, so be patient and don’t batter them with another 10 emails. Also, don’t set your fee too high as music supervisors are on a tight budget, be realistic and think about the audience the film or TV is going out to.

Alternatively, upload your music to synchronisation websites and let them do the hard work for you. These websites will add your music to a pool and this pool will be sent to music supervisors to flick through. Remember, these websites will also take a % cut on the agreed sale of your music.

4. Create a killer sample pack
A great deal of work can go into creating a killer sample pack but the benefits can be monumental. Bundle some old and new drum loops, bounce a few creative effects and include a few of your fattest synths, and let other producers use them freely.

Giving away your samples for free needn’t be fruitless however; uploading the zip to your site with a social locker or a mailing list subscription will create opportunities for you to reach out to your fans at a later date.

Which leads us onto my next point…

5. Keep it in the family
You might notice that many artists share fellow musician’s releases on their social pages. And more often than not, these people reside within the same record labels. That’s not a coincidence, it’s planned. Whether you’re a PR guru or a lonesome producer, there’s always opportunities to share and support one another.

HOLY CRAAAAAAP Zuko!!!!!!!!Out May 18th on the Disciple Recordings: 02 The Second Coming album.

Posted by Astronaut on Thursday, 7 May 2015

Reach out to a few artists with a similar sized fanbase, create a private Facebook group to discuss your tactics and post your links and work out a plan to share your audience regularly.

Why A price and feature comparison.

By | Press releases | No Comments picks up where other music audio-email platforms fall short;

Allowing industry professionals to target major influencers, garnering the promotion and feedback required for successful campaigns. users can upload their music and send to any size contact list in just 60 seconds, giving them more time to run their business efficiently.

Get more features on retail websites and blogs helps you target your existing contacts to get valuable feedback which increases your exposure and likelihood to be featured. Allows recipients to check, listen and review their promos on mobile, download audio* or send files directly to Dropbox.

Most importantly our users enjoy a fair price, pause-able subscriptions, and no setup fees.

* restrictions apply to certain mobile platforms.

Price and feature comparison 

Label Engine
Promo Push
Cheapest tariff £15 per month £42 per month £50 per month $23.99 per month £15 per promo
Campaigns Unlimited Bandwidth dependent 2 per month Unlimited 1
Bandwidth Unlimited 5gb Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Watermarked audio Free Free No + $2 per track via Topple Track + £5 per promo via AudioLock
Dropbox from mobile Yes No Yes No No
Setup fee £0 £50 £0 £0 £0

Press contacts /

Changes to our billing plans

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We’ll soon be integrating new billing software and we’ve had to update our billing plans accordingly. Therefore, 30 day plans will no longer be available to new customers and will be replaced with ‘pausable’ monthly subscriptions.

New clients will enter into an automatically renewing 1 month billing subscription. Clients may ‘pause’ their plan at any time and have full use of until their existing plan has expired. Clients will not be billed while their account has been paused. When a client is ready to use again, they can simply resume their subscription.

If a client chooses not to renew their subscription, they may still log in and use to a limited extent; clients will still be able to view feedback though they will not be able to create new or send existing campaigns.

We hope these new changes will allow you to have greater flexibility on your subscription options. You’ll be able to switch between plans and turn on or off automatic billing renewal without contacting us directly.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Introducing piracy protection

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In May of 2013, Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ leaked online, weeks before the official release. Since then, we’ve seeing more and more material finding its way to the public domain way before originally intended.

However, with’s piracy protection, leaks will become a thing of the past.

Before your recipients can download a release using, unique inaudible watermarks are added to the music file, specific to that individual contact. Should your release find its way onto share or stream sites, our system can pull the identification signature from the sound file, exposing the leak’s source. What’s more, our piracy protection is free to all tiers.

Existing clients can contact us to submit a traceback request.

‘Download as ZIP’ and ‘Save to Dropbox’ functionality added

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We’ve been working on a way to help recipients download the latest promos as quickly as possible, and today we’ve done it. We all know how ‘Download as ZIP’ works, but we’ve also added ‘save to Dropbox’ functionality.

With a touch of a button, the release you’ve received on will be sent to Dropbox, and it only takes a single second to show up in your Dropbox account, ready to listen on your Phone or PC – perfect for DJs checking promos on the go.

As if that wasn’t enough, clients will soon be able to further reap the benefits of our Dropbox integration. We’re adding the ability for clients to include their own Dropbox referral codes within a sign up button on their mailouts. Free Dropbox storage, anyone?